Rules of Christiania.

These are the main rules of Christiania.

Christianias commitment is to create and sustain a self governing community in which everyone is free to develop and express themselves as responsible members of the community without harming anyone else.

Rules of Christiania

Rules of Christiania

The rules on Christiania

Christiania's Constitution anno 1979.

Other rules.


In the Greenlight district also known as Pusherstreet.

This creates panic and people will think the police is on the way. It is not legal to sell or posses cannabis in Denmark and that is why the rules in Pusherstreet are like that. 


Its only in Pusherstreet you can not take pictures. If you want pictures of the people living and using Christiania, please ask first.

Otherwise have fun and enjoy the area, its unique.


Most asked questions:

Where in Denmark is Christiania?

Christiania are located a 5-minute walk from Christianshavn Metro station towards the church of our saviors. Go to Prinsessegade, follow it and you will pass Christiania on the right side

Is Christiania still closed?  

No, it is an open area that rarely close for people.

Is Christiania safe for turists?

Yes, Christiania is safe for turists but please follow the rules in the different areas.

Why was Christiania created?

The areas of Copenhagen was undergoing renovations and a lot of young people were without homes and heard of a abandoned area in the middel of Copenhagen a former military base and started squatting it in 1971.

Is Christiania legal?

Yes, Christiania is now owned by a nonprofit foundation and the residents are renting their homes from the fond. This is to keep housing speculation out, you can not buy or sell your house in Christiania.

Christiania guide

Ask when in doubt.

Many of the residents and other users of Christiania are happy to help and answar questions about Christiania.

Christiania is a place full of different people and stories, you are more than welcome to drop by all our stores and galleries. We have more than 40 different stores, restaurants, galleries, workshops and music venues. 

We are collecting all the stores and services in our App we are currently building. 

Help us.

Please help us by telling us what kind of information about Christiania is important to you as a turist. 

Who am I.

My name is Morten Barsø.

I was born and raised in Christiania and lived there the first 18 years of my life. My mother still lives in Christiania. Even though I moved out of Christiania I am still a part of the big family counting over 700 adult residents and many children. 

Freetown Christiania

I love to see the world.

Here I am in Lissabon.

I want to give you the full story of Christiania and show you all the innovation, free thinking and share our history and stories with you.

I feel like all the good stories drown in the media about Pusher street, there are so much more to Christiania than that. 

My mission is to show the real Freetown Christiania and hopefully give you sence of the soul of this unique place when you visit the area. 


Feel free to to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!