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History of Christiania.



Christiania was born in 1971 by a group of squatters and people who wanted to create their own society.

Hippies and other people alike moved in and started changing this  abandoned military base into a free heaven for all people, animals and nature. 

Christiania have grown into a thriving community with over 700 adult residents and several daycares, shops, workshops, galleries and much much more. 

Christiania are divided into 14 areas.

These areas are governed by the residents in the area through meetings where those who want can participate to discuss the different solutions for the problems in that area. 

The big decisions are made on 

the “community meeting” where all the residents must reach consensus before any decisions can be made.

Christiania are legal because the residents bought the area from the state in 2012 and made a fond.

Christianias annually budget is around 40 million Danish crowns,

Out of 40 million we pay 20 milion to the state an that cover taxes, water, electricity and environmental cost.


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