History of Christiania.

Christiania was born in 1971 by a group of squatters and people who wanted to create their own society.

Hippies and other people alike moved in and started changing this  abandoned military base into a free heaven for all people, animals and nature. 

Christiania have grown into a thriving community with over 700 adult residents and several daycares, shops, workshops, galleries and much much more. 

Christiania are divided into 14 areas.

These areas are governed by the residents in the area through meetings where those who want can participate to discuss the different solutions for the problems in that area. 

The big decisions are made on 

the “community meeting” where all the residents must reach consensus before any decisions can be made.

Christiania are legal because the residents bought the area from the state in 2012 and made a fond.

Christianias annually budget is around 40 million Danish crowns,

Out of 40 million we pay 20 milion to the state an that cover taxes, water, electricity and environmental cost.

Rules of Christiania.

These are the main rules of Christiania.

Christianias commitment is to create and sustain a self governing community in which everyone is free to develop and express themselves as responsible members of the community without harming anyone else.

The rules on Christiania

Other rules.


Its only in Pusherstreet you can not take pictures. If you want pictures of the people living and using Christiania, please ask first.


This creates panic and people will think the police is on the way. It is not legal to sell or posses cannabis in Denmark and that is why the rules in Pusherstreet are like that. 

Otherwise have fun and enjoy the area, its unique.

A locals guide to the Freetown Christiania.


Who am I.

My name is Morten Barsø.

I was born and raised in Christiania and lived there the first 18 years of my life. My mother still lives in Christiania. Eventhough I moved out of Christiania I am still a part of the big family counting over 700 adult residents and many children. 

I love to see the world.

Here I am in Lissabon.

I want to give you the full story of Christiania and show you all the innovation, free thinking and sharer our history and stories with you.

I feel like all the good stories drown in the media about Pusher street, there are so much more to Christiania than that. 

My mission is to show the real Freetown Christiania and hopefully give you a sence of the soul in this unique place when you visit the area.

The top 5 things you must see in Christiania. 

The houses of Christiania.

Many of the houses in Freetown Chrsitania are old military buildings that many different residents have renovated over the years, some of the houses are build from skratch. In 1971 when the first people squatted Christiania the buildings were in dire condition many of houses lacked floors, windows, roofs and so on.

Around the area a lot of houses did not have running water or suege for the WC. All this and much more Christiania renovated through the years, and what you "invest" in your home go to the next resident of that home. This means you can not sell or buy your house in Freetown Christiania. 

Many Christianits have build there dream home and they are totaly free of normal architecture rules and thinking, this lead to all the beautiful buildings like the Banana house seen of the picture. 

Alis Wonderland.

This is a photo from Alis wonderland 20 years anniversery,

When I was a child in 1998, Alis made a small u ramp in christiania, I still remember help building the ramp and making my first slams on that. Many of the children and people on Christiania help build the ramp. Later it moved to the location it is today.  Alis is a part of a bigger community that go to other countries and build ramps for the people to spread happiness and hopefully give some a way out of hopelessness 


Alis Wonderland are now powered by solar panels on the roof that a guy called Albert from Christiania help set up. Now the panels power both the ramp and some of christiania. 


The Alis store are located next to Alis Wonderland and feel free to come and say hi, borrow a skateboard and go skate.

This video is from vice that shows the celebration of the 20 years anniversary. 

See the video here

The Green Recycling Hall.

Den grønne hal.


We are much more than a construction market. We have both new and recycled, many sustainable goods, a large selection of hardware and hobby items, garden items and much more.

The Green Recycling Hall is a different construction market in the center of Christiania. We have both new and used building materials, many sustainable goods, a large selection of hardware and hobby items, garden items and much more.

But also many other goods. With us you can e.g. have plates and glass cut to your desired dimensions and needs, and have copies of your keys made.

In the Green Recycling Hall, we also offer rental of various work tools, and our 1500 m2 store contains a sea of ​​departments.

The free town of Christiania is a car-free city - park your car on Refshalevej or Bådsmandsstræde, and borrow a tow truck, or hear from us about the possibilities for delivery.

The Grey Hall.

Den grå hal.


The grey hall was created in 1891 to be the military´s riding course for practice and exercice. The whole building can be moved to a different location but have allways been in Freetown Christiania since 1971.

Today we host our "Juleløses Jul" This is a big christmas dinner for people without anywhere else to go, many hundres of people gather here each christmas eve to have a good time or say hi to old friends. 

Notable concerts include:

Metallica, Bob Dylan, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Patti Smith, Portishead, Motörhead, The Prodigy, Sunn O))), Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Keane, Smashing Pumpkins, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mac DeMarco, Sleep, Beach House and many more.

Pusher Street.

This is a photograph of Pusher street in the night time.

Photo by Jroy P´Dang 


Pusher street is the only street where cannabis trade are tolerated in Christiania.


Under the "Say no to hard drugs" campaign in 1979 Christiania gave an ultimatum to the users and sellers that they either should seek treatment or they would get kicked out. 

The residents tried to help by offering downsizing, housing, but little helped. The Christianits quickly realized that something drastic had to happen. A joint meeting was held in the Gray Hall with over 2,000 listeners, and a few days later the "Say no to hard drugs campaign" started.

To get hold of the junk, the strategy was to sever the connection between the pusher and the addict. The problem was just that merchants are users and users are merchants. Therefore, both the pusher and the user had to leave Christiania. 

Almost everyone say yes to go to treatment with the help of the fellow community and some still live in christiania to this day. 


Christiania 50 years birthday.

Due to covid we moved our birthday to May.

Look forward to the spring of 2022.

Where the Freetown Festival opens its doors up to 3 days of music and culture. It will be adventurous with candles, fabulous animals and Danish and foreign music names!

On two big stages and secret scenes in the forest area, we will jump out in the spring in the best Christiania style. Early bird until January 1, 2022.

The specific program is announced on an ongoing basis. Many of the former artists have space in their 2022 calendar.

See you on May 19, 20, and 21, 2022 in the city. Support and order your ticket at

#støtchristiania #festival #christiania #freetownfestival

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